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"Wide ranged and vivacious in sonic texture, Super Eclipse 5 reproduces fundamental notes with great clarity. The vocal sound texture is very vivid and clearly defined. Transient response is extremely quick, with massive dynamic impact. You can say that the universe of Wireworld is powerful and transparent sound expression."
-Chitake Inoue, AUDIO ACCESSORY, Japan

"After working through my cable collection, I settled on Wireworld's Gold Eclipse III+, which seemed to bring the best sense of balance to the system's sound. Nordost Valhalla added a smidgen more air and space, but shaved off just a bit of palpability. Cardas Golden Reference also worked very well, but the Wireworld gave the best overall combination of extension, palpability, and resolution."
-Paul Bolin, STEREOPHILE, August 2002

"Finally, a set of interconnects (Gold Eclipse III) that gets out of the way of the music, and does so consistently regardless of its length or the system into which it is placed."
­ Harry Pearson, THE ABSOLUTE SOUND Editors Choice, issue #111

"Wireworld Gold Eclipse III Speaker Cable proved its superiority by showing almost no difference in comparison to the bypass. That's how it earned the position of the highest reference overall, where absolutely no cable sound effects are acceptable."

"Gold Eclipse III+relaxed and neutral yet vivid-sounding, with fully developed bass extension and weight, very open and well-articulated highs, and outstanding resolution of low-level details. More important, it gave nothing away at the edges, sounding coherent from top to bottom"
- Michael Fremer, STEREOPHILE, October 2000

"What really sets Gold Eclipse III Speaker Cable apart from the competition is its extremely low noise floor and sense of instrumental solidity, especially in the midrange. A stunning triumph from one of the pioneers in high-end audio cable design."
­ Myles Astor, ULTIMATE AUDIO, Vol. 3, #1

"In the listening tests the Gold Eclipse III Interconnect's performance left nothing more to wish for. It therefore distinguished itself from the other candidates as the unrivalled authority. Openness and intelligibility, transparency and colorfulness are absolutely superb. The difference from the bypass is so limited that even changes in the aura of the harmonics are extremely small. That's how the Gold Eclipse earned without discussion: 30 points ­ highest reference."

"Gold Eclipse III cables give a very good idea of perfection."

"My goal as a mastering engineer is to produce the most lifelike sound possible. To meet this challenge I use the highest fidelity cables I know of, Wireworld Gold Eclipse III."

"I just purchased a Gold Eclipse III+ interconnect from The Cable Company. I have listened to virtually every high-end cable the Cable Company has and I must congratulate you on making what I believe to be the best sounding, that is, the cable with no identifiable sonic signature and minimal time smear. Well Done!"
-John M. Vrooman, Northrop Grumman, Newport News, VA

"Eclipse III speaker cable basically resembles its forerunner, yet it wins a new once more decisive advance in its additional Clarity, Openess and Intelligibility, and plays a bit more freely. The Eclipse III sounds completely unrestrained, free and airy.
A state-of-the-art-cable."

"The keynote of this model is neutrality and high-resolution. Energy distribution is even and flat over the entire frequency range. The Eclipse III also offers a dynamic expression of excellent response. Abounding bass energy seems to be a common preference in Wireworld products. The Eclipse's concrete reproduction ability with high energy density combined with the rich reality of bass instrument reproduction, with effective damping, is truly impressive. Its wide-ranging, big-scale expression is suitable for use with larger speakers, and would give full play to their abilities."

On top of being dynamic, coherent and revealing, Eclipse III Speaker Cable makes the musical experience more exciting.
- AUDIO, Germany

"A thousand new details emerged (with Eclipse II speaker cable) and we could feel the space around the music."
-Gerard Rejskind, ULTRA HIGH FIDELITY, Canada

"The Wireworld Eclipse cables have proved to be reference quality products that have integrated smoothly in connecting up both an entire reference system and in connecting all of the 30-odd components I have had in for review since I started using them. I have found the to be fully compatible with every component I have tried, and I have found them to be extremely revealing without exaggerating any aspect of sonic performance, or producing the kind of false insights into the music which later turn out to be coloration."

"The Wireworld Eclipse interconnects and speaker cables not only reveal the music that is on the recording, they reveal the full capabilities of all types of equipment. They have proved to be of great value in making detailed equipment comparisons. They have not always been the best interconnects or speaker cables in connecting specific electronics or speakers, but they have been competitive, and they have usually been superior."
-Anthony Cordesman, THE ABSOLUTE SOUND, Issue 95

"Eclipse is the most impressive wire I've encountered since I became an audiophile! The presentation is completely clean and natural. Musical textures are vivid without sounding mechanical or colored. The wire brings out the natural details and expression in the music. The sound is very dynamic, yet effortless and easy on the ear like a live concert."

"The true standards were broken when we used the Eclipse. With this extremely high quality cable, orchestras sounded as if they were playing in larger rooms and had more authority. Even the best we had ever heard sounded pale when compared to the vivid colors of the Eclipse."
- Matthias B_de, HIFI VISION, Germany

"With Eclipse, I have an airy soundstage that fills every corner of my listening room. Instruments and voices are lifelike in size and positioning. The sound is so good that it satisfies me entirely, without any compromise necessary."
- Sam Ho, HIFI REVIEW, Hong Kong

"We at MBL use mainly Wireworld Eclipse III+ cables for our top level systems because they excel at showing the quality of our products."
­ Juergen Reis, chief engineer, MBL of Germany

"I built my system of reference quality components, including Revel Salon speakers and Edge NL amplifier. It sounded very detailed, but also thin and artificial. After considerable research, I replaced my Goertz Alpha Core cables with Wireworld Eclipse III+. I was amazed when I heard immediate dramatic improvements in smoothness, soundstaging and bass response. I now enjoy a relaxed, open and richly detailed sound, with greatly reduced listener fatigue."
- Major Darren Censullo, US Air Force

"Clarity and Transparency were excellent; the treble delicate and detailed; midrange true and bass deep and firm. However, the most striking characteristic of the Polaris III cables was a remarkable improvement in the body of instrumental timbres."
- Blair Roger,

"Polaris is a high-resolution cable, excellent in its response. It reproduces a clean sound-image with a charming, rich nuance of vivid contrast. An energetic sensation in the low frequencies is another feature of the Polaris. This sensation arises from the concentrated energy of its excellent response rather than from mere volume. Its damping is efficient. There is no dullness at any frequency. Percussion at mid and low frequencies is especially well expressed with quite vigorous attacks. Clear vividness, fresh expression and wide-ranging reproduction are the major captivating factors of this product. Before anything else, this model should be tried for jazz reproduction."

"Top to bottom, the Equinox III+ sounded a "little less" than the very expensive Yamamura, with the most obvious loss being the bass. But the midrange was impressively free of grain and edge. If your system sounds a bit lumpy or clogged in the mid to low bass, the Equinox III+ might well solve the problem. In fact, to some ears and some systems, the Yamamura might sound a bit warm, and the far less expensive Equinox III+ more open."
- Michael Fremer, STEREOPHILE, October 2000

"A terrific sense of the reverberation of the space sounded through the architecture. Perhaps a powerful feeling of dynamic freedom added to this impression of size, as well. It was as if the cables somehow played louder than the others I had on hand The Equinox III cables get high marks for "getting out of the way." And for this characteristic, I consider them more the preservationist ideal than the compensatory alternative. From one who has never been enamored of "tone controls" ­except to make the occasional "recording from hell" listenable ­ there's no higher praise."
- Neil Gader, THE ABSOLUTE SOUND, issue #121

"A startling improvement in sound! We use it in both of our reference systems, it's Wireworld Equinox III... It makes our previous cable sound broken."
- Gerard Rejskind, ULTRA HIGH FIDELITY, Canada

"Throughout my extended evaluation of these cables [Equinox III] one thing became clear to me the more I listened ­ THE MUSIC! From the midrange through the highest audible frequencies these are among the most neutral and transparent audio cables that I've had the pleasure of using. The treble in particular was very pure, extended and detailed, without seeming at all exaggerated Though some cables, like Harmonic Technology's Truth-Links, offered a bit more weight and oomph in the low bass, the Equinox III sounded more transparent and had better control Honestly, I can't think of any cable for the same money that can match this level of performance."

"When using the Wireworld Meteor microphone cables there was a noticeable and pleasing increase in detail. The stereo imaging was clear, natural and contained added depth. It sounded as if a veil had been lifted between the music and the listener."
­ Brad Michel, HARMONIA MUNDI, U.S.A.

"Vocals, especially female, were immediate, expressive and detailed. Acoustic guitars purred, saxes growled, pianos sang and all did so without stepping on each other. In other words, the Wireworld Atlantis II interconnects and speaker cables delivered the midrange to the speaker (and amp) virtually uncolored."
-Todd Warnke,

"[Atlantis II Speaker Cable] is certainly the most neutral cable I've heard, with excellent control in the bass, especially the deep bass, and an overall effortless and open quality at all frequencies that allows more of the music to come through."
­ Andrew Marshall, AUDIO IDEAS GUIDE

"Atlantis II sounded much closer to the Gold Eclipse and to the bypass than I expected for a $90 interconnect"
­ Robert Harley, STEREOPHILE, Vol. 19, #8

"When I received my first pair of Atlantis II interconnect, I was completely taken abackThe music is presented in a first-class manner, without sibilant or tipped-up high frequencies to fool the listener into thinking that there is more information than is really available. Vocals are left intact and clean, an almost perfect clone of the mid-band as the signal passes from my CD players outputs to my preamp's inputs."
-Gregory Kong,

"Oasis III Interconnect ­ Globally expressive and detailed."

"Wireworld Oasis II Speaker CableExtremely energetic, powerfully explosive sound.. Oasis II stands out for its sonic neutrality and lack of noticeable coloration."

"Wireworld Oasis II interconnect is a wire with a mission: to provide fun, fun and just more fun. There's plenty of thump and bite, loads of excitement and energy and oodles of bass power to play with." Rating - * * * * *

"Oasis speaker cable is the strongest all-around in its class"
­ AUDIO, Germany

"Actually, in virtually every tally we did on either of the two systems, Wireworld Orbit came out on top. Flattering comments heaped upon it took note of its excellent focus, impressive neutrality and top-to-bottom coherence. Highs were detailed and airy, and the ever-important bass came through with solid satisfying impact"
- Al Griffin, HOME THEATER Magazine's Speaker Cable Face Off (A blind test of 10 brands)

Gold Starlight III+ AES/EBU Balanced Digital cable, the golden Rolls Royce of the survey, has individually insulated solid silver strands in a massive construction. Its sound is State-of-the-Art. More details, more bass power, higher transparency and timing bettered only by the Gold Starlight III+ RCA cables within the test field. Among the balanced digital cables known to Stereoplay presently, there are none better.

"Gold Starlight: Neutral, powerful, high energy, high resolution, clean and artistically expressive. It is awesome to hear such realism in which each and every sound image is vibrant with life throughout."
­ AUDIO ACCESSORY Audio Cable Buyer's Guide, Japan

Gold Starlight III+ digital cable simply and consistently gets the details right. For example, the contacts are made of solid silver. Furthermore, these plugs utilize a rubber O-ring to ensure a solid connection. It was the best sounding cable in the survey. The finest details are reproduced, articulate bass and perfect timing that set the standard for all digital cables to measure up to.

"Wireworld's David Salz has a long history of designing audio cables which push the limits of price/performance, the Starlight III attempts to continue in this tradition Some cables, as a result of their ability to render accurately the leading edge of a musical transient, impart an energy and vitality to a music system that echoes that of live music Starlight III allowed the explosive nature of the music to burst forth unimpeded Another area in which the Starlight III shone, was in its presentation of depth information The Starlight III is a sonic overachiever, performing far better than one might expect from its price tag alone."
-Andrew Chasin,

"Finesse, beautiful rendering of timbres, dynamics, imagingon all elements of sound, Starlight II is a very serious contender among digital audio cables." Musicality****, Value*****
-L. Thorin, HIFI, France

Silver Electra III+ Power Cord: "Lush with lots of midband delicacy", found Michael Fremer, who named it his current favorite all-around power cord. "I feel foolish writing that an AC cord is 'intoxicating'", he writes, "but there you go!"

" soon as I replaced my reference power cord with Aurora, I knew this was no ordinary cable; the lower bass became lower, and at the same time, the resolution improved. The Gold Eclipse also sounded extremely neutral and vivid, and seems to be capable of supreme tuning ability for the total system. Once again, the magic of the audio world is restored."
­ Makoto Akikawa, AUDIO ACCESSORY, Japan

"The resolution and spatial integrity increased, the bass firmed up, and dynamics, both macro and micro improved significantly...the improvement with the Aurora (power cord) is completely consistent and not subtle."
-Andrew Marshall, AUDIO IDEAS GUIDE

"With the Aurora power cord in place, bass was full, deep and very tight, edging out the MIT cords in both the full and deep departments. The mids were similarly spectacular, detailed, quick and dynamic.
-Todd Warnke,

"The Comparator is extremely revealing of an interconnect's sound and is an invaluable tool for judging interconnects."
­Robert Harley, STEREOPHILE, Vol. 18, #11

"Every reviewer who writes about wire should have a Wireworld Interconnect Comparator, so should every retailer who sells cables... I've never experienced an easier, less stressful way to audition cables. And the findings are terrifying... especially if you feed the output into a headphone amp for even more vivid results... My worst fears were confirmed about certain over-hyped wires, while I was relieved to find that some of my faves did survive the tests with dignity intact... Wireworld has just fashioned the ultimate hot air filter..."

"It is obviously apparent that this splendid device [the Interconnect Comparator], beyond simplifying the lives of reviewers and retailers, is destined to bring pleasure to many dedicated listeners."
- Bebo Moroni, SUONO, Italy