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Ethernet - Future Speed ad (pdf)

Cause & Effect ad (pdf)

What Sounds Better Than a Short Cable? ad (pdf)

The Difference is in the Design ad (pdf)

Introducing Nano Series ad (pdf)

Read & Listen: Cable Survey from Stereoplay (pdf)

Beatles U.S. Album ad (pdf)

Eclipse Reference ad (pdf)

Series 7 USB (pdf)

Platinum Perfection ad (pdf)

Series 7 Sound of Success ad (pdf)

Introducing Series 7 ad (pdf)

Series 7 HDMI ad (pdf)

Platinum Starlight USB_Ad (pdf)

Transparent ad (pdf)

Guitar ad (pdf)

Platinum Eclipse ad (pdf)

Difference In Design ad (pdf)

Dynamic ad (pdf)

Perfectly Clear tall ad (pdf)

Perfectly Clear ad (pdf)

Hands Up ProAudio ad (pdf)

Dramatic Upgrade ProAudio ad (pdf)

Evo-Snake ProAudio ad (pdf)

Major Skeptic ProAudio ad (pdf)

Incredible ProAudio ad (pdf)



15" x 7.5" Signs (pdf's)

Logo Sign on Black (pdf)

Blue Man Sign(pdf)



Starlight Cat8 Ethernet Cable - 728x90

Nano Premium Cable for Protable Devices - 728x90

Helicon 16 Speaker Cable - 300x250

Starlight Cat8 Ethernet Cable - 300x250

Helicon 16 Speaker Cable - 300x95

Starlight Cat8 Ethernet Cabl - 300x95

Introducing Nano Series - 300x250

Cable Survey - 300x250

Introducing Nano Series - 728x90

Cable Survey - 728x90

Introducing Series 7 - 300x600

Platinum Starlight USB - 160x600

Beatles - 300x250

Fremer - 300x250

Introducing Series 7 - 300x250

Fremer - 300x95

HDMI - 300x250

Platinum Starlight USB - 300x250

PSH necklace banner

PSH Necklace Banner
(Click here for zip file containing the layered Photoshop file)

Equinox 7 - 728x90

Introducing Series 7 - 728x90

Platinum Starlight USB - 728x90

HDMI - 728x90

Platinum Starlight USB - 728x90

Platinum Starlight USB Falling Numbers - 728x90

Starlight USB Falling Numbers - 728x90


Wireworld ProAudio - 728x90

Wireworld ProAudio - 300x250


Approx. 31" x 78" - pdf's - approx. 4-40 meg download
HDMI banner
Ethernet - Future Speed
HDMI banner

HDMI banner
Wireworld ProAudio
Make It Better

HDMI banner
Wireworld ProAudio
HDMI banner
What They Say - Quotes
HDMI banner
Cable Survey
HDMI banner
HDMI 2.0b
HDMI banner
Introducing Nano
HDMI banner
Introducing Series 7 USB
HDMI banner
Eclipse Series - Gader Quote
HDMI banner
Platinum - Framer Quote
HDMI banner
Introducing Series 7
HDMI banner
Platinum Starlight USB
HDMI banner
Series 7 HDMI
HDMI banner
Series 7 Power cords
HDMI banner
Blue Man
HDMI banner
Platinum Electra



Interconnect Comparator
Interconnect Comparator

Comparator System
Comparator System

Cable globe
Cable & Globe

David Salz
David Salz

PSH necklace
PSH Necklace